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Kathleen Regan Figley, DMin, Master Traumatologist

Figley Institute President and Founder

Adjunct Professor, Tulane University Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy




Course Materials


Course Participant Guide

Cover Page and Copyright Information


Power Point Slides

Chaplain Pat Score Mandala


Emotional Freedom Technique (for intrusive thoughts and images)


Secondary Stress Videos


When Helping Hurts

When Helping Hurts: Preventing and Treating Compassion Fatigue

When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Trauma Workers

Care for the Caregiver



Counterbalancing Videos (laughter releases stress!)


Grandma Hits Car with Purse

Trunk Monkey – Road Rage

Trunk Monkey – Kids Throw Eggs

Trunk Monkey – Speeding Ticket


Something to touch the heart


Attitude is Everything: Simple Truths

Jessica’s Daily Affirmations




JK’s Wedding Entrance Dance