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This is our learning management system (LMS) site.  Check with me for the promotional code so you can view Compassion Stress Management Overview.

(posted 4/30/10 KRF)

Course Development Overview  (approx. 5 min)

This is a power point show that should run automatically. You may need to click once to get the program to start.

(posted 4/22/2010 KRF)

Course Development Checklist

This checklist will evolve as we get deeper into course development detail.

The Authentic You: How to be More Genuine in Virtual Presentations (webinar presentation link)

Many of you are experiened trainers.  You may find this helpful if you have not created an online course before.  I found myself a bit bored because the pacing seemed slow. 

(updated KRF 4/30/10)

Engage! How to Avoid the Seven Sins of Live, Online Presentations

A 1080 Group Paper Prepared for Citrix Online August 2009 (9 pages)

(posted 4/22/2010 KRF)

Needs Assessment

(posted 6/1/2010)

Recommendations for communication and coordination during course development process (all are free):

Facebook when you sign up, I will add you to the (private) Figley Institute Faculty group, where I post additional information.

Skype I use Skype for IM, and to share my screen with you (or vice versa) for training purposes.

Sendspace I use this to send large files, particularly useful for exchanging power point presentations for review and edit.

Useful course development tools

Snagit With this tool, you can screen capture online material.  Example:  I used Snagit to capture the training needs assessment data from my SurveyMonkey account.  I did not have to type in one word or number - I used snagit to capture the data, then did a cut and paste into Microsoft Word.  Voila! It is done within minutes.

Mindflash This tool is an add-on to Microsoft Word which can be used for both developing test questions and course evaluations.

(posted 6/1/2010)

When you set up your accounts, please link with mine. Additional contact information:

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